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Tous vedettes!

Tous vedettes! (1980)

Rating: 6.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Tous vedettes!. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Leslie Caron as Lucille Berger

Kitty Kortes-Lynch as Audrey Stabling

Rémi Laurent as Laurent Dermoncourt

Has previous starred with Jacqueline Dufranne (2 movies)

Jérôme Foulon as Stéphane Corfou

Pierre Rousseau as François Gardin

Françoise Pinaud as Elisabeth Delambre

Claude Swieca as Olivier Guédel

Henry Courseaux as Charles-Henri de Kerbois

Has previous starred with Robert Dalban (2 movies), Jean-Marie Vauclin (2 movies)

Robert Webber as Harry Stabling

Colette Teissèdre as Hélène Dassas

Daniel Ceccaldi as Jean-Paul

Has previous starred with Rémi Laurent (2 movies), Henry Courseaux (2 movies), Clarisse Weber (2 movies), Robert Dalban (12 movies)

Brigitte Feberg as Agathe

Jean-Marie Vauclin as Hervé Monnoyeur

Pascal Chinoux as Pascal

Remy Bourgeois as Alain Bercot 'Poupette'

Has previous starred with Colette Teissèdre (2 movies)

Eric Gabilleau as Antoine Allard

Dominique Lestournel as Jean-Luc Jarry

Has previous starred with Ariane Monod (3 movies)

Christophe Gilles as Nicolas Rosius

Ariane Monod as Agnès Viteaux

Florence Dumortier as Pauline Sauteur

Clarisse Weber as Sidonie Cazebon

Catherine Canu as Claudie Masson

Valérie Suret as Julie

Christiane Casanova as Le professeur de danse moderne

Jacqueline Dufranne as Le professeur opérette et diction

Has previous starred with Colette Teissèdre (2 movies)

Jacques Vernon as Le professeur de claquettes

Robert Dalban as Auguste, le patron de La Chouette

Has previous starred with Christine Aurel (3 movies)

Annick Cerval as Irène Samain

Christine Aurel as L'assistante de Jean-Paul

Boris Azais as David Stabling

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