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Vermilion the Movie

Vermilion the Movie (2015)

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Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Vermilion the Movie. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Ali Crozier as Robin

Andrew Hunsicker as Redneck

Has previous starred with Julie Stackhouse (2 movies)

Damian Vargas as Lt Jason Trigss

Danielle Harper as Meadow

Has previous starred with Kathryn Kadri (2 movies)

David Francis Calderazzo as Vampire King

Has previous starred with Sid O'Connell (3 movies), Danielle Harper (3 movies)

Edward John Socienski as Timothy Harper

Has previous starred with Grace Morales (2 movies), Danielle Harper (2 movies)

Emma Lipschutz as Dr. Lisa Hendrix

Eric Moran as General Benjamin R. Harris

Has previous starred with Damian Vargas (2 movies), Sid O'Connell (3 movies)

Grace Morales as Princess Amethystia

Gregory M. Brown as Rev. Henry Levitt

Has previous starred with Edward John Socienski (2 movies)

Jessica Jade as Petunia

Julie Stackhouse as Madame Marie

Kathryn Kadri as Officer Klein

Melissa Maradiaga Colletti as Vampire Waitress

Peter Kendall as Adam Nilsen

Ricky Barksdale as Firefighter Harris

Has previous starred with Edward John Socienski (2 movies)

Ron Fulmer as P O Steven Raines

Has previous starred with Eric Moran (2 movies), Sid O'Connell (2 movies), Damian Vargas (2 movies)

Sid O'Connell as Crucius Lisimba Gajia

Has previous starred with Grace Morales (2 movies), Damian Vargas (2 movies), Kathryn Kadri (2 movies), Danielle Harper (4 movies), Edward John Socienski (5 movies)

Trevor Swann as Victor

Watson Thompson as Corp. Eddie Ward

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