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White House Madness

White House Madness (1975)

Rating: 5.7 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in White House Madness. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Steve Friedman as Richard M. Nixon

Dennis Fimple as Bob Haldeman

Has previous starred with Lesley Woods (2 movies), Frank Knox (2 movies), Tony Salome (2 movies), Buck Young (2 movies)

Perry Cook as John Mitchell

Rusty Blitz as John Erlichman

Lesley Woods as Pat Nixon

Merrie Lynn Ross as Julie Nixon

Has previous starred with Peggy Stewart (2 movies)

Margaret Wheeler as Mamie Eisenhower

Kathy Bellinger as Tricia Nixon

Oaky Miller as Ronald Ziegler

Patti Jerome as Martha Mitchell

Peggy Stewart as Rosemary Woods

Al Lewis as Judge Cirrhosis

Del Hinkley as Billy Graham

William Tregoe as General Haig

George Skaff as King Feisal

Bern Hoffman as Oil Magnate

Has previous starred with Margaret Wheeler (2 movies)

J.R. Clark as Prosecutor

Buck Young as Admiral

Has previous starred with Peggy Stewart (2 movies)

Wade Crosby as Senator Sam Ervin

Has previous starred with Doodles Weaver (2 movies), George Skaff (2 movies), Peggy Stewart (4 movies)

Hy Pyke as B.B. Reboza

Has previous starred with Patti Jerome (2 movies)

Lee Amber as Senator Barry Goldwater

Al Ward as Henry Kissinger

Thelma Pelish as Poo-Poo's Mistress

Doodles Weaver as Supreme Court Justice

Dick Dinman as Priest

Frank Knox as Policeman

Has previous starred with Tony Salome (2 movies)

Michael Gilbert as David Eisenhower

Tony Salome as Ed Cox

Billy Curtis as Secret Service Man

Has previous starred with Buck Young (2 movies), Bern Hoffman (2 movies), Doodles Weaver (2 movies), Frank Delfino (5 movies)

Frank Delfino as Secret Service Man

Has previous starred with Bern Hoffman (2 movies)

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