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Who's That Girl

Who's That Girl (1987)

Rating: 4.6 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Who's That Girl. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Madonna Madonna as Nikki Finn

Griffin Dunne as Louden Trott

Has previous starred with Robert Weil (2 movies)

Haviland Morris as Wendy Worthington

Has previous starred with Elaine Wilkes (2 movies)

John McMartin as Simon Worthington

Has previous starred with Mike Starr (2 movies), Haviland Morris (2 movies)

Bibi Besch as Mrs. Worthington

John Mills as Montgomery Bell

Robert Swan as Detective Bellson

Drew Pillsbury as Detective Doyle

Coati Mundi as Raoul

Has previous starred with Sean Sullivan (2 movies), Madonna Madonna (2 movies)

Dennis Burkley as Benny

James Dietz as Buck

Cecile Callan as Sandy - Wendy's Friend

Karen Elise Baldwin as Heather - Wendy's Friend

Kimberlin Brown as Rachel - Wendy's Friend

Crystal Carson as Denise - Wendy's Friend

Elaine Wilkes as Holly - Wendy's Friend

Tony La Fortezza as Cabbie #1

Thomas Pinnock as Cabbie #2

Alvin Hammer as Cabbie #3

Sean Sullivan as Gun Dealer

Helen Lloyd Breed as Co-op Board Chairwoman

Dalton Dearborn as Co-op Member #1

Robert Weil as Co-op Member #2

Robert Cornthwaite as Minister

Has previous starred with Robert Swan (2 movies), Albert Popwell (2 movies)

Albert Popwell as Parole Chairman

Alice Nunn as Woman Parole Member

Gary Basaraba as Shipping Clerk

Has previous starred with John McMartin (2 movies), Stanley Tucci (2 movies)

Ron Taylor as 1st Dock Worker

Stanley Tucci as 2nd Dock Worker

Mike Starr as Shipping Co-Worker

Has previous starred with Stanley Tucci (2 movies), Ron Taylor (2 movies), Helen Lloyd Breed (2 movies), Haviland Morris (3 movies), Robert Weil (3 movies)

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