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Windtalkers (2002)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in Windtalkers. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Nicolas Cage as Joe Enders

Has previous starred with Kevin Cooney (2 movies), William Morts (2 movies), Jason Isaacs (2 movies), Roger Willie (2 movies), Peter Stormare (3 movies)

Adam Beach as Ben Yahzee

Peter Stormare as Hjelmstad

Noah Emmerich as Chick

Has previous starred with Holmes Osborne (2 movies), Mark Ruffalo (2 movies)

Mark Ruffalo as Pappas

Brian Van Holt as Harrigan

Martin Henderson as Nellie

Roger Willie as Charlie Whitehorse

Frances O'Connor as Rita

Christian Slater as Ox Henderson

Has previous starred with Brian Van Holt (2 movies)

Jason Isaacs as Major Mellitz

Has previous starred with Brian Van Holt (2 movies), Peter Stormare (3 movies)

William Morts as Fortino

Has previous starred with Peter Stormare (2 movies), Mark Ruffalo (2 movies)

Cameron Thor as Mertens

Kevin Cooney as Ear Doctor

Has previous starred with Cameron Thor (2 movies), Brian Maynard (2 movies)

Holmes Osborne as Colonel Hollings

Keith Campbell as Kittring

Has previous starred with Frances O'Connor (2 movies), William Morts (2 movies), Peter Stormare (2 movies), Martin Henderson (2 movies)

Clayton J. Barber as Hasby

Has previous starred with Peter Stormare (2 movies)

Scott Atkinson as Camp Tarawa Staff Sergeant

Jeremy Davidson as Marine

Brian Maynard as Corpsman

Albert Smith as Navajo Man

James D. Dever as Field Hospital Colonel

Vincent Whipple as Navajo Instructor

Jim Morse as Marine Recruit

Chris Devlin as Code Instructor Sergeant

Jeff Davis as Technical Sergeant

Glen Begay as Radio Codetalker

Ross Lasi Tanoai as Eddie the Bartender

Brian Kasai as Japanese Intelligence Officer

Hiroshi Mori as Japanese Radio Operator

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