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World Trade Center

World Trade Center (2006)

Rating: 6.0 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in World Trade Center. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Nicolas Cage as John McLoughlin

Has previous starred with Michael Peña (2 movies), Danny Nucci (2 movies), Jay Hernandez (2 movies), Armando Riesco (3 movies)

Maria Bello as Donna McLoughlin

Connor Paolo as Steven McLoughlin

Anthony Piccininni as JJ McLoughlin

Alexa Gerasimovich as Erin McLoughlin

Morgan Flynn as Caitlin McLoughlin

Michael Peña as Will Jimeno

Armando Riesco as Antonio Rodrigues

Has previous starred with Alexa Gerasimovich (2 movies), Tawny Cypress (3 movies)

Jay Hernandez as Dominick Pezzulo

Has previous starred with Nicholas Turturro (2 movies)

Joe Starr as Subway Rider

Jon Bernthal as Christopher Amoroso

Has previous starred with Joe Starr (2 movies), Michael Peña (2 movies)

William Jimeno as Port Authority Officer

Nick Damici as Lieutenant Kassimatis

Has previous starred with Connor Paolo (2 movies)

Jude Ciccolella as Inspector Fields

Has previous starred with Michael Peña (2 movies), Marcos Palma (2 movies), Ned Eisenberg (3 movies)

Martin Pfefferkorn as Homeless Addict #1

Razame de la Crackers as Homeless Addict #2

Nelson Peña as Street Hood #1

Marcos Palma as Street Hood #2

Andre Ward as Port Authority Hustler

Lisa Yuen as Port Authority Tourist

Cliff Bemis as Desk Cop

Harmonica Sunbeam as 9th Avenue Hooker

Ned Eisenberg as Officer Polnicki

Has previous starred with Michael Peña (2 movies), Mark Elliot Wilson (2 movies)

Nicholas Turturro as Officer Colovito

Danny Nucci as Officer Giraldi

Tyree Michael Simpson as Officer Washington

Kevin Feely as Plain Clothes Officer

Mark Elliot Wilson as Street Businessman

Tawny Cypress as Bleeding Woman

Has previous starred with Alexa Gerasimovich (2 movies)

Robert Blanche as WTC Desk Officer

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