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A Life of Her Own

A Life of Her Own (1950)

Rating: 6.2 of 10

Below is the list of the 118 actors that worked in A Life of Her Own. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Lana Turner as Lily Brannel James

Ray Milland as Steve Harleigh

Tom Ewell as Tom Caraway

Louis Calhern as Jim Leversoe

Ann Dvorak as Mary Ashlon

Barry Sullivan as Lee Gorrance

Margaret Phillips as Nora Harleigh

Jean Hagen as Maggie Collins

Phyllis Kirk as Jerry

Sara Haden as Smitty

Hermes Pan as Specialty Dancer

Alice Darrow as Woman on Mezzanine

Alice Wallace as Model

Andre Charisse

Ann Hunter

Ann Robinson as Woman Showing Legs

Arthur M. Loew Jr. as Party Guest

Barbara Darrow

Bert Keyes as Miner

Bess Flowers as Cocktail Lounge Patron

Beth Douglas as Model

Beverly Garland as Party Guest

Beverly Thompson as Party Guest

Bob Cautiero as Man in Vogue Office

Bob Stebbins

Brick Sullivan as Man Outside Dressing Room

Bridget Carr as Model

Bunny Waters as Model

Carol Brannon as Model

Carol Brewster as Party Guest

Carol Webster as Party Guest

Carol West

Charlene Hardey as Model

Christopher Olsen as Pete, Maggie's Son

Claude Stroud as Birthday Party Guest

Claudette Thornton

Clifford Brooke

Daniel De Jonghe

Danny Welton

David Bond as Photographer

David Clarke as Charlie, Taxicab Driver

Diantha Pattison

Donia Bussey

Dorothy Abbott as Model

Dorothy Tree as Caraway Secretary

Elaine Edwards

Elizabeth Flournoy as Caraway Receptionist

Florence Cunningham as Spinster

Frank Gerstle as Birthday Party Guest

Frankie Darro as Bellboy

Franklyn Farnum as Restaurant Customer

George Dee

Georgia Holt as Agency Model

Geraldine Wall as Hosiery Woman

Gertrude Graner as Woman Photographer

Gil Herman

Glen Gregory as Ventriloquist

Harold Miller as Cocktail Lounge Patron

Harry Barris as Party Piano Player

Harry Ellerbe

Helen Eby-Rock

Hilda Plowright as Hotel Desk Clerk

James Horne Jr.

Jane Howard

Janey Fay as Canasta Player

Jeffrey Sayre as Birthday Party Guest

Jimmy Cross as Drunken Birthday Party Guest

Joan Valerie as Party Guest

Joe Bautista

John Albright

John Butler as Tobacco Shop Proprietor

John Crawford as Photographer

John Maxwell as Executive

Johnny Walsh

Kathleen Freeman as Switchboard Operator, Betsy Ross Hotel

Keith McConnell

Kenne Duncan as Man Asking Invitation

Kenneth Garcia as Party Guest

Kerry O'Day as Party Guest

Lee Lynn as Party Guest

Louis Mason as Porter

Lurene Tuttle as Secretary

Lyle Clark

Madge Blake as Regent Studios' Wardrobe Woman

Margaret Bert

Margie Liszt

Marjorie Wood as Desk Clerk

Marlene Hoyt as Model

Marlo Dwyer as Birthday Party Guest

Maura Murphy as Regent Studios' Receptionist

Meredith Leeds as Party Guest

Michael Dugan

Mickey Martin

Pat Davies as Model

Patricia Hall as Model

Paul Kramer as Airport Gateman

Percy Helton as Hamburger Proprietor

Peter M. Thompson as Party Guest

Queenie Leonard as Hotel Matron

Ralph Brooks as Cocktail Lounge Patron

Ray Walker as Birthday Party Guest

Richard Anderson as Hosiery Man

Robert Emmett Keane as Hosiery Man

Roberta Johnson as Model

Ruthelma Stevens

Sally Cooper

Sam Harris as Model

Sarah Padden as Overseer

Sue Carlton

Sue Casey

Tom Bernard

Tom Seidel as Bob Collins

Victor Cutler

Victor Wood as Hotel Waiter

Walter McGrail as Party Guest

Whit Bissell as Rental Agent

William Cabanne

Wilson Wood as Taxicab Driver