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Born Guilty

Born Guilty (2016)

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Below is the list of the 40 actors that worked in Born Guilty. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jay Devore as Marty Weiss

David Coussins as Rawl Malone

Rosanna Arquette as Judith

Keesha Sharp as Leslie

Anna Lore as Summer

Jay Klaitz as Rupert

John Lavelle as Grant

Alden Ray as Clerical Cop

Barbara Malley as Alice

Barbara Singer as Sonya

Carmit Levité as Judith Lookalike

Circus-Szalewski Circus-Szalewski as Phil

Damien Bodie as Lee

Diner Waitress as Barbara Winn

Ellen Clifford as Cindy

Farrah Martin as Bartender 2

Galen Howard as Duke Banana Brains

Greta Quispe as Maria Gonzales

Haley Powell as Young Girl

Hidetoshi Imura as Sushi Chief

Jake Head as Director

Jakob Wedel as Actor Boy

Jemal Draco as Ray

Katerina Trantzas as Chan Sook

Kinley Farrow as Jessica

Laura Bozzone as Pedestrian

Lora Bofill as Sushi Woman

Luke Massy as Bouncer

Marissa Caprielian as Bodacious Woman

Max Heller as Jogger

Nuri Hazzard as Luther

Rachel Risen as Mandy

Ratnesh Dubey as Cashier

Ricky Barksdale as Big Man

Shana Solomon as Female Lover

Steve Hurwitz as Herb

Steven Hauck as Bartender

Stewart Steinberg as Bennny

Ted Arcidi as Counterman

Tre Jamison as Boy with Attitude