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Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the 22 actors that worked in Bride of Chucky. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany

Brad Dourif as Chucky

Katherine Heigl as Jade

Nick Stabile as Jesse

Alexis Arquette as Damien

Gordon Michael Woolvett as David

John Ritter as Chief Warren Kincaid

Lawrence Dane as Lt. Preston

Michael Louis Johnson as Norton

James Gallanders as Russ

Janet Kidder as Diane

Vince Corazza as Bailey

Kathy Najimy as Motel Maid

Park Bench as Stoner

Emily Weedon as Girl at One-Stop

Ben Bass as Lt. Ellis

Roger McKeen as Justice of the Peace

Sandi Stahlbrand as Reporter

Boris Karloff as Clips from 'Bride of Frankenstein'

Colin Clive as Clips from 'Bride of Frankenstein'

Elsa Lanchester as Clips from 'Bride of Frankenstein'

Ernest Thesiger as Clips from 'Bride of Frankenstein'