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Cauliflower Cupids

Cauliflower Cupids (1970)

Rating: 4.1 of 10

Below is the list of the 41 actors that worked in Cauliflower Cupids. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Jane Russell as Nira DiLaurento

Peter Savage as Johnny Stiletto

Alan Dale as Honest John Bradley

Jake LaMotta as Gentle Jim

Rocky Graziano as The Rocker

Willie Pep as Willie the Eye

Paddy DeMarco as Bennie the Bug

Tony Zale as Tony the Bomber

Petey Scalzo as Dinty the Dope

Joe Bennet as Armand DiLaurento

Lee Meredith as Dee Body

Carol Walker as Paulette

Meri Carsey Welles as Nookie North

Bud Truland as Bruno DiLaurento

Sharynne Dale as Go Go Dancer, Caress Softly

Carleton Carpenter as Christopher

Betty Bruce as Olga the Maid

Frank Gio as First Gangster

Lucky Kargo as Second Gangster

Dulcie Jordan as Emma - Woman with Dog

Betty Garde as Lucretia

Dorothy Greener as Brenda

Herrick Herrick as Sylvester

Art Masters as Philip

F. Herrick Herrick as Sylvester

Richard Towers as Stewart

Cris Alexander as Lawyer

Paula Laurence as Lucille

Joe Cinque as Assistant to Lieutenant

Nat Parragine as Bartender

Peter Petrella as Peter

Lorraine Petrella as Lorraine

John Cecil Holm

Susanna Barta as Maid

Fina Hassid as Go Go Dancer

Joseph LaMotta as Theatre Manager

Marion Osterlund as The Rocker's Girl Friend

Nat Perogine as Bartender

Bob O'Bradovich as Marty the Mask

Richard Lederer as Second Witness

Vivian Marshal as Second Girl with Bruno