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Dr. T and the Women

Dr. T and the Women (2000)

Rating: 4.6 of 10

Below is the list of the 96 actors that worked in Dr. T and the Women. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Richard Gere as Dr. T

Helen Hunt as Bree

Farrah Fawcett as Kate

Laura Dern as Peggy

Shelley Long as Carolyn

Tara Reid as Connie

Kate Hudson as Dee Dee

Liv Tyler as Marilyn

Robert Hays as Harlan

Matt Malloy as Bill

Andy Richter as Eli

Lee Grant as Dr. Harper

Janine Turner as Dorothy Chambliss

Holly Pelham as Joanne

Jeanne Evans as First Exam Patient

Ramsey Williams as Menopausal Patient

Dorothy Deavers as Patient With Cane

Ellen Locy as Tiffany

Cameron Cobb as Golf Pro Shop Boy

Zane Michael Scott as Golf Pro Shop Boy

Irene Cortez as Maria the Housekeeper

Clara Peretz as Lacey

Mackenzie Fitzgerald as Amber

Juliette Gauntt as Kristin

Suzi McLaughlin as Hospital Receptionist

Oliver Tull as Psychiatric Ward Nurse

Kelli Finglass as Cheerleader Director

Judy Trammell as Cheerleader Choreographer

Wren Arthur as Dr. T's Staff

Scarlett McAlister as Dr. T's Staff

Angee Hughes as Dr. T's Staff

Tina Parker as Dr. T's Staff

Marsha McClelland as Dr. T's Staff

Angie Bolling as Dr. T's Patient

Pam Dougherty as Dr. T's Patient

Nancy Drotning as Dr. T's Patient

Candace Evans as Dr. T's Patient

Shawne Fielding as Dr. T's Patient

Greta Ferell as Dr. T's Patient

Andrea McCall as Dr. T's Patient

Susana Gibb as Dr. T's Patient

Meagan Mangum as Dr. T's Patient

Yvonna Lynn as Dr. T's Patient

Lyn Montgomery as Dr. T's Patient

Shawna McGovern as Dr. T's Patient

Laurel Whitsett as Dr. T's Patient

Andrea Moore as Dr. T's Patient

Morgana Shaw as Dr. T's Patient

Riley Kirk as Dr. T's Patient

Louanne Stephens as Dr. T's Patient

Jane Simoneau as Dr. T's Patient

Sarah Wallace as Dr. T's Patient

Libby Villari as Dr. T's Patient

Gail Cronauer as Dr. T's Patient

Kim Terry as Dr. T's Patient

Gina Hope as Psychiatric Patient

Katherine Bongfeldt as Psychiatric Patient

Hollie Stenson as Psychiatric Patient

Erin McGrew as Psychiatric Patient

Linda Comess as Psychiatric Patient

R. Bruce Elliott as City Council Member

Cynthia Dorn as City Council Member

Christie Abbott as Wedding Party

Audrea Ulmer as Wedding Party

Sara Overall as Wedding Party

Nance Watkins as Wedding Party

Elizabeth Ware as Wedding Party

Nina Austin as Wedding Party

Uta Acosta as Mexican Villager

Dijonee Macias as Mexican Villager

Norma Clayton as Mexican Villager

Shaylene Ruiz as Mexican Villager

Irene González as Mexican Villager

Angela Landini as Mexican Villager

Eric Ryan as Birth Baby

Jason Lim as Wedding Quartet

Buffi Jacobs as Wedding Quartet

Jason Erwin as Wedding Quartet

Shelli Mathews as Wedding Quartet

Amber Strauser as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader-Herself

Amy Cummings as Court Reporter #1

Andrea Cohen as Dr. T's Patient

Ann Taylor as Wedding Party

Bob Coonrod as Tourist

Dionne Jones as Mall Shopper

Gail Washington as Pedestrian

Greta Muller as Dr. T's Patient

Haven Powers as Councilwoman

Jani Vorwerk as Tiffany's Customer

Kelly McDaniel

Melinda Renna as Policewoman

Rebecca Bustamante as Shopper

Sarah Shahi as Cheerleader Extra

Stephanie Hunn as Court Reporter #3

Tama Cole

Tara Kelly as Court Reporter #2