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Rollerball (2002)

Rating: 2.9 of 10

Below is the list of the 119 actors that worked in Rollerball. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Chris Klein as Jonathan Cross

Jean Reno as Alexis Petrovich

LL Cool J LL Cool J as Marcus Ridley

Rebecca Romijn as Aurora

Naveen Andrews as Sanjay

Oleg Taktarov as Denekin

David Hemblen as Serokin

Janet Wright as Coach Olga

Andrew Bryniarski as Halloran

Kata Dobó as Katya

Alice Poon as Red Team #7

Lucia Rijker as Red Team #9

Melissa R. Stubbs as Red Team #12

Paul Wu as Red Team #16 - U Chow

Yolanda Hughes-Heying as Red Team #28

Jay Mahin as Red Team #39 - Toba Maheota

Simon Girard as Red Team #68 - Rabbit

Tom Farr as Red Team Player

Kevin Rushton as Red Team Player

Eitan Kramer as Red Team Player

Anatoly Zinoviev as Red Team Player

Victor Callender as Red Team Player

Ruth Chiang as Red Team Player

Mike Dopud as Michael 'The Assassin'

Shawn Stewart as Red Team Player

Pink Pink as Rock Singer

Michael Tadross as Starter

Amy Whitmore as Photographer

Shaun Austin-Olsen as Foreign Guest

Flint Eagle as Eskimo

Steven P. Park as Gold Team Thug

Eugene Lipinski as Yuri Kotlev

Susan Cannon as Club Bartender

Kim D. Cannon as Club VIP

George Christy as Club VIP

Mischa Hausserman as Gold Coach

Frank Ferrara as Assistant Gold Coach

Peter Kosaka as German Guest

Gabor Zsigovics as Herzen

Vitali Makarov as Komo

Anthony Palermo as Toll

Oleg Ferdman as Miner

Philippe Soucy as Ally

Paulino Nunes as Borges

Peter Von Berg as Chowler

Eugene Geylik as Chowler's Assistant

Barry Shurchin as Director

Ivan Smith as Tahli

Shane McMahon as American Media Mogul

Ola Sturik as Russian Translator

Norman Yap as Mandarin Translator

Kes Kwansa as African Sports Announcer

George Ghali as Arabic Sports Announcer

Luoyong Wang as Chinese Sports Announcer

Paul Heyman as English Sports Announcer

Jean Brassard as French Sports Announcer

Peter Blake as German Sports Announcer

Ismail Bashey as Indian Sports Announcer

Angelo Pedari as Italian Sports Announcer

Slava Schoot as Russian Sports Announcer

Guy Ale as Russian Sports Announcer

Damir Andrei as Serbo-Croatian Sports Announcer

Pedro Salvín as Spanish Sports Announcer

Alice Benjamin as Russian Doctor

Ghiziane Alini as Club Galore Twin

Dalila Alini as Club Galore Twin

Michelle Leblanc as Petrovich's Girlfriend

Richard Zeman as Petrovich's Heavy

Scott Taylor as Petrovich's Bodyguard

Eddy Salim as Petrovich's Bodyguard

Richard Labelle as Petrovich's Bodyguard

John Kesler as Petrovich's Bodyguard

François Paquette as VIP

Nick Sita as Italian VIP

Thomas Karle as VIP Booth Judge

Richard Orlando as Patriarch

Xu Zhi as English Announcer's Assistant

Léopold Boisvert as Technician

Jitka Svecova as Technician

Debbie-Anne Champagne as Cigarette Girl

Lilly He as Journalist

Florence Situ as Journalist

Zoran Krzisnik as Journalist

Vsevolod Malamud as Journalist

Xinkang Tong as Asian Director

Bruno Mourani as Arabic Man

Claudine Robitaille as Production Assistant

Isabelle Landreville as Stewardess

Ahmet Salihu as Hot Dog Vendor

Hassan Hakmoun as Home Band Vocalist

Azam Ali as Home Band Vocalist

Jamshied Sharifi as Home Band Keyboarder

Miyuki Sakamoto as Home Band Keyboarder

Tristan Avakian as Home Band Guitarist

Tsutomu Takeishi as Home Band Bassist

Ben Wittman as Home Band Drummer

Sid Wilson as Slipknot Band Member

Joey Jordison as Slipknot Band Member

Paul Gray as Slipknot Band Member

Chris Fehn as Slipknot Band Member

James Root as Slipknot Band Member

Craig Jones as Slipknot Band Member

Shawn Crahan as Slipknot Band Member

Mick Thomson as Slipknot Band Member

Corey Taylor as Slipknot Band Member

Toshihiro Itô as Japanese Announcer

Alex Corrado as Russian TV Breaker

Andy Arness as Businessman

Barney Cheng as Sports Announcer

Cheryl Ling as Chinese Woman

Christine Chow as Chinese girl

Eddie Marrero as Bar Patron

Guy Létourneau as Bodyguard

Jeffery Feaster as Bar Patron

John Fallon as Journalist

Jonathan Krespil as Club Bouncer

Julie-Anne Côté as Dancer

Larisa Eryomina as Aurora

Nabil Bouziani as TV Reporter