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Seed of Innocence

Seed of Innocence (1980)

Rating: 5.3 of 10

Below is the list of the 61 actors that worked in Seed of Innocence. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Timothy Wead as Danny

Mary Cannon as Alice

T.K. Carter as Captain

Vincent Schiavelli as Leo

Azizi Johari as Denise

Tom Davidson as Laura

Shirley Stoler as Corky

Bonnie Bartlett as Velma, Alice's Mother

Gloria Stroock as Sophie, Danny's Mother

Robert Alan Browne as Dale McClure, Danny's Father

Julianna McCarthy as Sister Nadine

Monika Ramirez as Jane Martin

William Sanderson as Randy Webb

Brad Gorman as Barney

Art Bradford as Gas Station Owner

Eleanor Zee as Teacher

Mary Ellen O'Neill as Sister Mary Francis

John Miranda as Dr. Walthour

Sonja Menor as Teacher

Sally Russel as Nun

Joan Dennis as Nun

Dorothy Peterson as Nun

Elaine Achez as Nun

Bart Burns as Ray Crocker

Jayne Drennan as Marie

Jeremy West as Denise's Customer

Barbara Ellen Lyle as Sandy

Edmund Lane as Chuck

Shoshana Ascher as Martha Look-a-Like

Russ Marin as Marv

Tony Sacco as Desk Clerk

Albert Henderson as Delbert Young

Yolanda Mayor as Stripper

Ricki Covette as Stripper

Rita Conde as Stripper

John E. Oliver as Musician

Donald Cadette as Musician

Henry Reiss as Musician

Jake Porter as Musician

John Wheeler as Trammer

Carole H. Field as Hooker

Bess Motta as Hooker

Theodore Lehmann as Bum

Buddy Douglas as Midget

Joe Nespoli as Bum

William Marquez as New York Cop

Chuck Bergansky as New York Cop

Peter Harrell as New York Cop

R.J. Arterburn as New York Cop

Bryan Gordon as Dr. Beyers

Hillary Horan as Reception Nurse

D.J. Sydney as Delivery Nurse

Linda Milligan as Nursery Nurse

Bill Cameron as Prison Guard

Earl Montgomery as Judge

Alex Baker as District Attorney

Cali Timmins

Lanny Duncan

Sally Helppie as Pregnant teen

Shelly Gullett

Tony Plana