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Train Station

Train Station (2015)

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Below is the list of the 111 actors that worked in Train Station. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Abby Mulay as Jury, Hooker

Alan Madlane as Security Guard

Alba Ferrara as Woman in Brown

Alessandro Luci as Man in Brown

Alice Khalakuba as Old Lady

Andrew Dawe-Collins as Carny

Ankur Vikal as Brown

Anrie Too as Brown

Ashford Kirimi as Brown

Athina Linardatou as Dead Girl

Axel Harney as Shady Man

Ben Lowes-Smith as Hiker #2

Beth O'Neill as Woman in Red

Bob Coonrod as Man In Brown

Brian Wood as Hiker #3

Bryan Carmody as Brown

Carlos Baltazar as Club Manager

Caroline Støyva Eriksen as Girl in Brown

Cathrine Sæbø as Dead Girl

Charles Grantham as Cook, Jury

Chris Korte as Man in Brown

Christian Schäfer as Brown

Christos Sougaris as Man in Swamp

Connor Byrne as Man in Brown

Corentin Hugot as Kid

Cristian Iacob as Carny

Daniel Magisa as Old Man

Daniel Montesano as Lawyer

Davie-Blue Davie-Blue as Hostess

Daymon Britton as Lawyer

Dimitris Samolis as Brown

Doreen Wermelskirchen as Police Officer

Elnaz Amiri as Nice Couple - Wife

Endang Ernawati as Head Teacher

Eric Kuhns as Backpacker

Gadis Sadiqah as Nurse

Georg Anton as Man in Brown

George Kamea as Custodian

George Olesky as Clown In Brown

Gregory B. Waldis as Man

Hamdi A. al Saaidi as Brown

Ibu Termulia Di Jalan Antena as Sick Woman

Ines Nobili as Wife

Jack Gardner as Golfer #2

Jim Kitson as Angry Golfer

Jorge-Yamam Serrano as Husband

Judith Hoersch as Bungee Girl

Ka Beesler as Mad Golfer

Karen Traynor as Angry Hiker

Katerina Tsavalou as Girl in Blue

Katja Bläsi as Woman in Brown

Kevin Maddison as Golfer #3

Kristian Nekrasov as Restaurant Owner

Kyra Leyi Cheung as Girl

Lance Alan as Man in Brown

Laura Lee Ecobelli as nousy Women, Jury

Lauritz Greve as Boy

Leah Barkoff as Waitress

Luana Ostan as Girl

Mahmoud Elsarraj as Man in Brown "Sudan Segment"

Marcio Santiago as Brown

Mark Joslyn as The Other Man

Matt Bromen as Man in Crashed Car

Matteo Taranto as Lover

Mehdi Aroom as Shady Man

Melanie Filbert as Wife

Michael Chen as Man in Black

Miguel Meneses as Man Nurse

Mike Ancrile as Bud

Mikey Robinson as Brown

Milko Yovchev as Brown

Mladen Mladenov as Police Detective

Morgan Jaye Williams as Golfer

Nell Ponsaers as Woman in Pink, Jury

Nile Lines as Hiker #1

Nuno Vinagre as Valentine

Oliver Scheffel as Lover

Patrick Gorman as Man In Brown

Patrick O'Connor Cronin as Carny

Patrick Préjean as Old Man

Paul Douglas as William T Boone Justice

Paul Howard as Car Accident Victim

Paul Vasey as Golfer #1

Peter Hart as Attorney, Golfer

Philipp Wimmer as Brown

Pietro Paletti as Brown

Prokopis Politis as Brown's Friend

Rakesh Shah as Streetsweeper, Jury

Rasika Dugal as Wife

Reno Pratama as Brown

Robert Miles as Man On Balcony

Robert Skrok as Shady Man

Rui Unas as Brown

Sebastian Fräsdorf as Police Officer

Shaquille Azzaraqy as Boy in Brown

Sharon L. Brooks as Woman in Brown

Sher Bautista as Woman in Brown

Shirin Esmaeeli as Brown

Si Osborne as Bartender

Sofia Botelho de Almeida as Nurse

Sofia Padelopoulou as Brown

Sonny Nurhadi as Pawnbroker

Taylor Sele as Judge

Tiago da Cruz as Security Guy

Tony Neilson as Dog Owner

Vahid Sabili as Nice Couple - Husband

Vikas Muthamparambil as Man in brown

Viktoria Koleva

Vitalie Bichir as Brown

Vivid Wang as The Woman

Yoann Sover as Brown