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1408 (2007)

Rating: 6.8 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in 1408. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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John Cusack as Mike Enslin

Has previous starred with Johann Urb (2 movies), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (2 movies), Benny Urquidez (2 movies), Eric Meyers (2 movies), Samuel L. Jackson (3 movies)

Paul Birchard as Mr. Innkeeper

Has previous starred with Walter Lewis (2 movies)

Margot Leicester as Mrs. Innkeeper

Walter Lewis as Book Store Cashier

Has previous starred with Noah Lee Margetts (2 movies)

Eric Meyers as Man #1 at Book Signing

David Nicholson as Man #2 at Book Signing

Holly Hayes as Lady at Book Signing

Alexandra Silber as Young Woman at Book Signing

Johann Urb as Surfer Dude

Andrew Lee Potts as Mailbox Guy

Tony Shalhoub as Sam Farrell

Emily Harvey as Secretary

William Armstrong as Clay the Lawyer

Has previous starred with Walter Lewis (2 movies), Paul Birchard (3 movies)

Kim Thomson as Desk Clerk

Drew Powell as Assistant Hotel Manager

Noah Lee Margetts as Bellboy

Has previous starred with Tina Maskell (2 movies)

Samuel L. Jackson as Gerald Olin

Has previous starred with Isiah Whitlock Jr. (3 movies)

Gil Cohen-Alloro as Maitre D'

Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Hotel Engineer

Benny Urquidez as Claw Hammer Maniac

Mary McCormack as Lily

Jasmine Jessica Anthony as Katie

Len Cariou as Mike's Father

Ray Nicholas as Factory Owner

Tina Maskell as 1950s Lady

Paul Kasey as Kevin O'Malley

George Cottle as Mailbox Worker

Julian Spencer as Mailbox Worker

William Willoughby as Mailbox Worker

Angel Oquendo as Taxi Cab Driver

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