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The Traveling Executioner

The Traveling Executioner (1970)

Rating: 6.4 of 10

Below is the list of the top billed actors that worked in The Traveling Executioner. When you find the person you are looking for, click on the link to view a list of actors they have worked with.

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Stacy Keach as Jonas Candide

Has previous starred with M. Emmet Walsh (2 movies), Lorna Thayer (2 movies)

Marianna Hill as Gundred Herzallerliebst

Bud Cort as Jimmy

Has previous starred with Stacy Keach (2 movies), Pat Patterson (2 movies), Charles Tyner (2 movies)

Graham Jarvis as Doc Prittle

Has previous starred with Stacy Keach (2 movies), M. Emmet Walsh (6 movies)

James Sloyan as Piquant

M. Emmet Walsh as Warden Brodski

John Bottoms as Lawyer

Has previous starred with James Greene (2 movies), Stacy Keach (3 movies)

Ford Rainey as Stanley Mae

James Greene as Gravey Combs

Has previous starred with Stacy Keach (2 movies)

Sam Reese as Priest

Stefan Gierasch as Willy Herzallerliebst

Has previous starred with Logan Ramsey (2 movies), Stacy Keach (2 movies), Graham Jarvis (2 movies), M. Emmet Walsh (2 movies), Charles Tyner (3 movies), Marianna Hill (3 movies)

Logan Ramsey as La Follette

Has previous starred with Charles Tyner (2 movies), Lorna Thayer (2 movies)

Charles Tyner as Virgil

William Mims as Lynn

Val Avery as Jake

Has previous starred with Graham Jarvis (2 movies), Stacy Keach (2 movies), M. Emmet Walsh (3 movies)

Walter Barnes as Sheriff

Has previous starred with Stefan Gierasch (2 movies), Marianna Hill (2 movies), Charles Tyner (2 movies)

Charlie Briggs as Zak

Has previous starred with Sam Reese (2 movies)

Paul Gauntt as Jeremy

Claire Brennen as Woman Passerby

Lorna Thayer as Madam

Martine Fraser as 2nd Child

Pat Patterson as Roscoe

Has previous starred with Ford Rainey (2 movies), Marianna Hill (2 movies)

Scottie MacGregor as Alice Thorn

Tony Fraser as 1st Child

Has previous starred with Martine Fraser (2 movies)

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